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Parents forget 5-year-old daughter at German airport



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A family on their way back from holiday forgot their five-year-old daughter at a German airport in Stuttgart

Stuttgart police said that other people in the airport saw the young girl walking around alone at the airport’s arrival hall.

Parents forget 5-year-old daughter at German airport lailasnews 3
Parents forget 5-year-old daughter at German airport

Security staff called over the airport’s speakers to try and alert her parents that she had been found but the family did not turn up.


The child was taken to Stuttgart police station where her concerned parents called to find her.

The parents told the police that they had been returning from holiday when they had resumed their journey in two different cars and both parents believed that the other parent had their daughter in their car.

They did not realise their mistake until they got home and the child was eventually picked up by her father who returned to fetch her.

A spokesman for the police said:

“The five-year-old was eventually safely picked up by her father.”

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron famously left his daughter, eight at the time, behind at a pub in Buckinghamshire in 2012.

Mr Cameron’s daughter, Nancy, had gone to the toilet when the family were arranging lifts home, which is how she was forgotten.

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