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Pakistani singer and actress Reshma shot dead by her husband



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Pakistani singer and actress Reshma, was recently shot dead, allegedly by her husband in the Nowshera Kalan area.

Pakistani singer and actress Reshma shot dead by her husband lailasnews

Police revealed that Reshma, who was the suspect’s fourth wife, lives with her brother in the city’s Hakimabad area where she was shot. It was gathered that her husband who escaped, shot the Pakistani singer and actress as soon as she entered the house following a domestic dispute.

Investigation have been launched into the incident, which is believed to have taken place on Wednesday, 8 August 2018, in the Hakimabad area of Peshawar. ANI reported that this is the 15th incident of violence against women artistes in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area in the past year.

Reshma was known for her songs, rendered mainly in Pashto, and also for her role in the drama Zhobal Goluna.

In February, theatre artiste Sumbul Khan was also shot dead after she refused to accompany three armed men who broke into her Mardan home, and demanded that she perform at a private event. According to police, the three men have already been identified and police personnel are actively searching for them at the moment.

One of the accused, Naeem Khattak, is a former police officer who has since been arrested, the Pakistan Express Tribunereported. Two other men are believed to be on the run. The 25-year-old performer was well known for her roles in several Pakistani TV shows.

Ms Khan’s death also came just over a year since the murder of actress and dancer Kismat Baig in Lahore. The star was shot 11 times in the legs, stomach and hands by passing a gunman on a motorcycle while she was been driven home from performing in a stage play in November 2016. Her driver was also shot but recovered.

Demonstrators in the city, however accused the authorities of doing little to stop the spate of abductions, sexual assaults and murders of women and girls in the past two years. Reshma