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Paedophile shot dead in Italy by hitman hired by father of 15-yr-old victim



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Police are investigating a case of a paedophile shot dead in Italy, possibly by hitmen hired by the father of his teenage victims.

Giuseppe Matarazzo, was killed last month in Frasso Telesino, in Southern Italy, after being released from prison.

Paedophile shot dead by hitman hired by father of 15-year-old victim lailasnews 2

The 45-year-old from Naples, had been serving an 11-year sentence for abusing two teenage girls.


One of the girls, a 15-year-old, who was a victim of the sexual abuse, took her own life, in 2008, shortly after Matarazzo was imprisoned.

Now the father of the girl is being investigated by the Italian authorities on suspicion of commissioning hitmen to carry out the alleged murder, as reported by Today.

Two men, 30-year-old Generoso Nastam and Giuseppe Massaro, 55, were arrested on Friday.

Italian authorities believe the men drove the car used to commit the crime.

Benevento Chief Prosecutor Aldo Policastro, told ANSA: ‘Those who commissioned the murder are to be found in the family milieu.’

Investigators have already found a .357 magnum pistol at the scene and have recovered a vehicle.

In the incident Matarazzo was shot five times.