Paddy Adenuga reminisces on losing a good woman

Paddy Adenuga reminisces on losing a good woman

Billionaire Mike Adenuga’s son, Paddy Adenuga is reminiscing and it is about a good woman he lost in the past because he was young and too foolish to know what he had.

According to him, all the good woman wanted was his time and candy. His tweet reads;

once upon a time i met a young woman that loved me completely.. all she ever wanted was my time and candy  percy pig  to be exact.. but back then i was too young and foolish to know what i had and i lost her for good now i look back and think what a big mistake i made

Paddy Adenuga few months ago told ladies what he can’t tolerate in them. In a tweet, he informed ladies who might be admiring him, he isn’t ready to settle down or see anyone. Paddy Adenuga went on to disclose the kind of ladies he cannot be found with.  He tweeted that:

“A woman that doesn’t know her own worth scares the beejeezus out of me – I can’t be with you if you don’t even know your value #facts #truth

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