Omotola Adebayo reveals crazy thing she did for love

Omotola Adebayo reveals crazy thing she did for love

Nollywood actress, Omotola Adebayo, has revealed the crazy thing she once did for love, and you are surely going to be left stunned.

Curvy actress, Omotola Adebayo is a prominent face in both the English and Yoruba sectors of Nollywood.

Having debuted in the film industry with her own production, Timutimu some years back, Adebayo has since featured in about 25 movies including many soap operas.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Omotola Adebayo, talked about her career and also the crazy thing she did for love.

Many of us have gone the limit for love, like staying up all night to speak with that special one (Xtracool), traveling for hours just to meet your love, or even starving yourself just to raise money for your other half.

Well, Omotola Adebayo, has a new one for us all.

When asked what the craziest thing she has done for love, she replied;

Should I talk about it? Okay, I once shaved my hair for love.

Yes, you read the right thing, she revealed that she once shaved her hair for love, and noting how special ladies treat their hair, that is one epic feat.

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