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Okunnu says: I almost ran mad day I was paid 60 kobo for movie role



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50-year-old Nollywood actor, Wale Akorede a.k.a Okunnu who has been in the industry for over 2 decades, in a new interview recounted how he was paid 60 kobo for his first movie role.

I almost ran mad day I was paid 60 kobo for movie role - Okunnu lailasnews

According to the comic actor, he almost ran mad after he was paid 60 kobo for his first movie role. Okunnu disclosed that the pay motivated him to focus more on his craft and put in more efforts to be the best on the job.


“The first time I received money for acting was in 1984 and I was paid 60 kobo. When I was given the money, I almost ran mad. I was very impressed and encouraged to do the job; presently, I earn well for most of the roles I play,” he said.

The actor who further stated that he is not caged by comical roles, told Saturday Beats;

“I don’t feel stereotyped by playing such roles because I can still take up any role. I have played all sorts of roles in movies. But the funny thing is that even when I do serious roles, people still laugh because of the stereotype.”

On why he will never stop acting despite the challenges of life, Okunnu said;

“I am always happy; I don’t allow challenges to weigh me down. I loved acting as a child but my parents were not in support of it. I started full-time acting after my father died. I even ran away from home several times because I wanted to be on location. My mother gave me her full support when she started seeing me on screen.

“I used to be a proper businessman before, but acting runs through my veins. The field of business is a playground for me but there is no other profession I would rather do than this. Acting is my destiny.”

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