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Ogun State First lady worried over weight gain (Photo)



Nigeria News

Ogun State First lady, Mrs Olufunso Amosun, who shared a beautiful photo on her Instagram page yesterday, launched a ‘diet alert’.

Ogun State First lady worried over weight gain lailasnews

The Ogun State First lady who wondered where all her slim figure went to, wrote;

“Diet alert. Where has all that slimness gone?”

Ogun State First lady worried over weight gain lailasnews 1


Her husband, Senator Amosun was sworn-in as the fourth elected Governor of Ogun state in May 2011, having won the election held in April 2011. He contested on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria. On May 29, 2015, his second term commenced. Amosun secured the victory with the All Progressives Congress.

The Ogun state first lady known to be a huge support base to her husband, had also revealed how she decided to convert from Christianity to Islam. In an interview with Vanguard, she disclosed why the staunch Christian with a bishop as her father coverted to Islam.

“The first person I told I wanted to get married to a Muslim was my mother. First, she burst into tears and then she asked me whether I had told my dad and I said no and I could see that mischievous smile,” she said.

“But, today, my mother and my husband are like the best of friends and, of course, I get my pound of flesh back sometimes when they are joking and she has forgotten! I will say, ‘Eh! Muslim lo fe fe’ (meaning, you want to marry a Muslim).”

Mrs. Amosun further narrated:

“When I told my dad, he said, ‘Ah, okay, well, we just have to pray about this one’. But somehow, they hit it off very well. The thing about it is, my husband believes in God. My husband, I will say, is even more religious than me.

“He truly believes in God, he has faith in God that all things are possible and when you see somebody that is so committed and you see that based on his faith; not challenging God, but telling God that ‘I believe in you’ and you see time and time and time again those things manifesting.

“It started from me having faith in his faith. I have faith in his faith, God and that just made it so easy, because I could see that God did not fail him and I know that my husband doesn’t believe in anything else, except God.”