Shayla L’Armour, one of rapper Offset’s baby mamas, has slammed him for a recent interview he granted in which he stated that he doesn’t have a relationship with her.

Offset's baby mama lashes at home over his recent interview

The both of them share a 3-year old daughter Kalea.

In the interview, Offset said concerning their daughter:

“I know it’s me. But she 5 months, I don’t even know this – I don’t even know her mama. This is my first daughter.”

Reacting to the rapper’s interview, Shayla slammed her baby daddy and revealed how he kicked her out of his life when she got pregnant.

I stayed silent 9 months of my pregnancy and her first year of her life… I’m so happy and grateful that they have now built a bond but I had to speak up for myself cuz I’ll be damned if my daughter see or hear this in the future and think I was just I was just out here living a thot life and didn’t know who my bd was! You CHOSE not to see bout her! You CHOSE to remain ignorant!! It wasn’t until I kept having to embarrassing myself just to prove the point that you had my baby fucked up that you chose to step up!! & I’ll take that!!! Y’all can call me whatever the fuck you want but at least my baby gone know I rode for her 100 period ??

Shayla L’Amour further revealed that she had to contact his mother through Facebook after he blocked her on social media.

“I was pregnant, I was reaching out to him, I got blocked on social media, I got blocked from his cell phone. He changed his number. You get what I’m saying.”

“I had no choice but to contact his mother when I did, through Facebook, you know what I’m saying.”


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