A nurse treating the mutilated victims of the Crimea school bomb and gun attack attempted suicide after learning her son was the shooter behind the bloodbath.

Nurse attempts suicide after realising Crimea college shooter was her son lailasnews

No fewer than 21 people were killed and over 65 were injured when 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov went into his former school with a gun and opened fire. He also set off a homemade bomb in the canteen.

His mother, Galina Roslyakova, was providing emergency care to horrifically wounded youngsters who began flooding into the hospital where she worked. But while doing so police arrived to tell her the scenes of carnage was actually the work of her 18-year-old son Vladislav.

She was then taken away by police and tried to take her own life after being told that it was her son who was responsible for the mass murder after which he killed himself, it was reported

Roslyakov’s parents were divorced and his 52-year-old father was also taken in for questioning.

Five students are in comas after the attack and their condition is described as “extremely grave”. Among the dead – mostly students aged between 15 and 19 – were a mother and daughter, Svetlana and Anastasia Baklanova, aged 57 and 26.

The alleged killer shot and killed himself in the college library. There have been angry disputes over whether the killer was alone.