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Nollywood movies instill negative stereotypes into its viewers



Nigeria News

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Eldee The Don in a series of tweets today, explained how Nollywood has contributed into instilling negative stereotypes into its viewers and how the moves industry has not done enough to imbibe the right culture for growth into Nigerians.

Nollywood movies instill negative stereotypes into its viewers - Eldee lailasnews

According to the rapper, Nollywood can play a huge role in connecting Nigerians through the right scripts that have the potential to change people’s mentalities for good.


He wrote:

Much of modern Nigerian culture is passed on and reinforced through Nollywood storytelling and in my opinion, majority of Nollywood movies reinforce too many negative stereotypes.

I watched a lot of Nollywood this summer and the recurring themes of more than 90% of the movies unwittingly reinforce negative stereotypes. The values that perpetuate the societal decay.

I understand that movies are a reflection of society but there is a unique opportunity to change narratives with movies that we don’t seem to realize or have totally ignored over the last 2 decades.

In my humble opinion, the intentional attitude of 80’s NTA needs new representation in Nollywood. The carefully thought out storylines that deliberately encourage the inclusion of Nigeria’s ethnic & religious diversity through TV & Film.

Storylines that subliminally teach the values that we are losing rapidly today, the values that are necessary for the positive attitudes that lead to nation building, and not the opposite.

Storylines that may help the population unlearn some of the very negative attitudes that led us to where we are as a people today. We weren’t always this bad, we just stopped being intentional & allowed our population consume a lot of negative reinforcement.

The Nollywood boom was as a result of filmmaking barriers to entry being lowered and thats a great thing, but it also encouraged a lot of the unintentional but truly damaging consequences of today.

Good stories with the right values and life lessons, told at the right time in someone’s life can change their outlook, and shine a light that is bright enough to illuminate the way ahead on the map of life.

We must go back to telling deliberate stories that are intended not only for entertainment but for teaching the values that are desperately needed for the nation to change its current course.

Our stories must deliberately begin to aggressively promote fairness, hard work, integrity, honesty, respect, discipline, compassion, accountability, selflessness, empathy, responsibility, Kindness, self-awareness, resilience, self-control, independence, I could go on.

Nollywood is the one thing that connects all Nigerians besides music and football, and it has the potential to shift the mentality of the population. Our writers must become more careful with the content that we feed our people.