Nigerian Soldier celebrates birthday in battlefield

Nigerian Soldier celebrates birthday in battlefield

A Nigerian soldier who celebrated his birthday in the battlefield, took to social media to share photos from his big day as he posed with his cake and drinks.

The Nigerian soldier celebrated his birthday in battlefield with his colleagues, who are battling Boko Haram insurgents in the northern part of the country. Here is a photo he shared below;

Few months ago, a Nigerian soldier identified as Ochi Frank also celebrated his birthday at war-front in Maiduguri. The soldier who was deployed to Borno state to defend the country against Boko Haram terrorist group, celebrated his birthday with his comrades.

Frank took to Facebook to talk about the celebration. In his post, he expressed that the birthday was the fourth birthday he celebrated at the war-front. He also noted that he had to celebrate with the things they could find in the area.

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