Nigerian mum narrowly escapes being drugged and raped by Twitter boyfriend

Nigerian mum narrowly escapes being drugged and raped by Twitter boyfriend

A Nigerian mum who narrowly escaped being drugged and raped by her Twitter boyfriend, took to the platform to recount the harrowing experience.

According to the Nigerian man, her Twitter boyfriend who almost drugged and raped her, was a smooth talker who slid into his DM with talks of working for Shell. She further revealed that the case was taken to court, and the guy has been locked up. Read the tweets below;

How i almost got raped today #Thred

So i started talking to this guy i met on twitter and he slid into my dm smoothly, with sweet talks and all telling me he works for Shell and all, then like play from normal yarns thats how i gave him my number and we started, he called me at least 4 times in a day and we talked

for hours thats how i fell for this guy that became my worst nightmare, after like 2 weeks we started talking about how we’ll see and he said he wanted to cook for me my head burst aspa husband material but going to his house on the first day was a no no for me

so i declined thats how we linked up at a restaurant and then we talked and all, man was really sweet and a gentleman little did i know that he was acting anyway after the meal sha we decided to go somewhere else and we left

next thing bros said he wanted to buy ribenna at a pharmacy then we stopped then he came back with 2 ribenna thats how we were going i carried his Ribenna by mistake and he quickly stopped me

i asked why that is it not the same ribenna but he kept insisting that i cant touch his own thats when things became fishy but jokingly i said lai lai i must take his own and not the other one but he started to look serious about it

so when we got to a check point i immediately told police wassup and he wanted to zoom off last last police hold am when they serched him they found injection in his pocket thats when things became clear after plenty time of trying to make him drink that Ribenna

he then confessed that he drugged it and wanted to keep drivingtill i slept off then he would part and have sex with me , see how God saved me Dear Queens be careful and be very vigilant ooo these rapists have upgraded oo watch what you eat or drink and stay safe

Please RT next victim might be on your tl. Believe it or not, i don’t care, I’m just glad God saved me from that monster. I pray this don’t happen to any of y’all.

Everybody is telling me to drop handle, that won’t happen, my family lawyer has advised me not to and for your information the guy was locked up yesterday and his case is going to court. So all you these twitter people decided to use my predicament to make me blow, issokay, nsogbu adiro, kosi problem.

Update: After investigations and all we discovered that i wasn’t the first girl to fall into this demon’s hand, but I’ll definitely be the last. Tobi you will Rot in jail.

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