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Nigerian man reveals why his friend started hating his wife after childbirth



A Nigerian man whose friend started hating his wife after childbirth, took to Twitter to reveal the reason behind the ‘hate’ and also advice other women.

According to the Nigerian man, his friend started hating his wife after childbirth because she got fat, had stretch marks and also a had a big tummy. @Goldpromotionz who asked ladies to stay in shape for their husbands, wrote;

A friend of mine once told me he began to hate his wife immediately she gave birth. He said when they married she was cute, nice shape, nice body and everything But immediate she got pregnant, she became fat, and when she gave birth her stomach was big, she had stretch marks

She started wearing wrapper all over the house, eating anyhow, he said he couldn’t even bring himself to sleep on the same bed with her. My advice to you ladies is try to stay in the shape your husband met you, somethings are huge turn offs for men

And even if they might not tell you, they would end up going outside to look for the younger ones to please themselves