Nigerian man pleads guilty to sexual assault after his picture went viral

Nigerian man pleads guilty to sexual assault after his picture went viral

A Nigerian man has pleaded guilty to a serious sexual assault just two days after the attack, after seeing his photos go viral on social media.

The Nigerian man, Akin Akinniran was tagged a “dangerous” predator, on social media in the U.K.

The female victim had got out of a private hire vehicle and was walking along Lower Clapton Road at 2.20am, on Sunday, when she was approached from behind by Akin Akinniran who tried to speak to her.

She told Akinniran to leave her alone and tried to walk off, but he grabbed her and started kissing her neck. He then pulled her into an alleyway and continued to sexually assault her.

The woman was able to break free, and asked a man who was walking down the road to call the police. In the middle of the call, Akinniran approached them, and told him to hang up.

When he came closer the woman screamed and he fled. Police officers collected CCTV footage from a fast food restaurant to use as evidence, but Akinniran handed himself in the next day after seeing pictures of himself circulating on social media which had been taken by a witness.

He initially claimed he was innocent and gave a different version of events.
However when cops searched the property where he was staying they found identical items of clothing worn by the suspect in the photographs.

Akinniran, 34, was charged with sexual assault and remanded in police custody to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court yesterday, where he pleaded guilty. He will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on November 20.

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