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Nigerian Man batters his wife for slamming the door (Video)



Nigeria News

A Nigerian man reportedly battered his wife for slamming the door on him at their home in Abuja, today Saturday 17th November 2017.

Nigerian Man batters his wife for slamming the door lailasnews

It was gathered that abusive husband had warned his wife over the act on several occasions, however his wife refused to give up the act. An eyewitness who spoke to newsmen over the incident, said;

“I am so bitter this evening. I was sleeping when noise in the neighborhood woke me up, so I rushed out to see what was happening. .

Behold, a woman lying down on the ground with a lot of blood. I asked people what happened and I was told that the husband beat her to that extent. .

I looked and saw the husband still quarreling with people who came to know what the wife did. He spoke with no sign of remorse towards people and even attempted fighting people too. .

I was told he has been maltreating and assaulting his wife for 2years now, but the wife can’t summon courage to go because her parents are dead and she doesn’t know anywhere else to go. .

I asked about her relations, if any is Abuja, but they said they don’t know. I could see the wife’s pain. .

Even though she was bleeding people around didn’t really care about her state of health. No one offered to take her to hospital. All they were just doing was heaping curses on the husband but totally ignored the bleeding wife.

Police later came and took both to their station. This man will definitely kill that woman one day if he is not stopped. According to the husband, she banged the door against him, despite warning her not to do that.”