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Nigerian lady recounts horrific date with an Igbo man in the UK



Nigeria News

A Nigerian lady whose date turned out sour, took to Twitter to recount her horrific date with an Igbo Man in the UK.

According to the Nigerian lady, the Igbo man who asked her out has been trying so hard to get her attention and when she eventually went on a date with her, it turned out out to be ‘nightmare’. She however got an apology from some Male Igbo Twitter users who reacted to her tweets.

Read the Nigerian lady’s tweets about her horrific date with an Igbo man in the UK;

Went on the worst date ever yesterday

Okay so this Igbo guy has been toasting me for the longest time on instagram, eventually to get him off my back I thought might as well give him a chance as he was begging to take me out, I was like okay.

So I was like I’m free now let’s meet, first thing he did was invite me to his house, so I said no let’s meet up in a restaurant or something, he said okay so we agreed to meet up in Stratford.

I told this guy When I was 20 mins away as it was a long journey from my uni to the place, he should leave as he said he lived 20 mins away from the place, me thinking because he has been begging and bothering me he’ll be on time, so I got there, he then said he needs to tidy up

That he needs to wash his clothes and clean his house, so I was like when you were asking me to leave my house why didn’t you think or why didn’t you do it before, he said sorry, then he said I should know he doesn’t have money his kind of broke right now so he can’t pay

Which was fair enough I understood and offered to pay for my self and him as well if he wanted, so after 45 mins of waiting I decided I’m going home, I was about to touch in at the train station to go that’s when he turned up. Apologised that he had some stuff he had doing

That he took the bus as well and there was traffic, I was like but why will you take bus when train is literally 5 mins away from where you live and the same price so you wouldn’t have had to pay more.

So we went to look for somewhere to eat and then I thought of Pizza Hut as I haven’t been there in a long time, he then said in Igbo what is this dead restaurant I’m bringing him to I should be going to a good African restaurant or something not this rubbish.


I brushed it off and laughed, I don’t blame him, I said I can only go where I can afford and moreover I fancied pizza. That’s when he took his hoodie off and his hair is relaxed, personally I do not like guys who relax their hair, I asked why his hair was relaxed he said he loves it and always had it relaxed since he was a kid.

I left it, we went in and sat down, this guy still had his earphones in and was on his phone so I was like did I travel all this way waited for you for you to be listening to your earphone, he said HIS EARS WAS COLD! That there’s no music playing, he can still hear me.

I was like umm okay left it again, that’s when Iwas like what would you like to eat, you was hesitant so I was like feel free to order I’ll pay, he then said I’ll eat whatever you get, hence why I ordered

He then gasped and said will we eat all this, are you sure, that I should be careful what I eat because already I am big that he wouldn’t want me to get bigger  then he was like wait so you’ll eat this and eat pizza, I was like yes this is why it’s called starters

He just heaved and huffed, me I was already annoyed ooo. Then he kept making phone calls and asked me for direction to Hampstead a place he wanted to go I’m guessing

So I was like look on google maps, then he was like he doesn’t eat white people food his a big man why will he sit here and eat pizza he should be eating pounded yam and soup. Then I was like lol you know you’ll never see me again after today, he said if I try that nonsense talk he will slap me, that the slap he’ll give me I won’t know where I was,

Then he asked me if I went through a traumatic childhood cause I seem angry and look like I’m holding so much anger inside, That’s when I paid for what I bought and got up to leave he even trapped me to Ask where I was going I have never been so angry.

He went after me to ask why I’m leaving in such a haste I just said if he didn’t want any embarrassment he should stop following me. He was like I really like you and would like to get to know you why am I doing shakara  just laughed and went home. I have suffered guys I have

And he said that my Igbo was watered down, I should stop disgracing Igbo people and stuck to my English after all I was born in the UK, lol I wasn’t born in the UK and Igbo was not my first language. But okay, Then he tried to put his arm around me and I moved it, he said you should be happy a dimpa like me I trying to touch you