Nigerian lady pens down tribute to brother killed by US police officers

Nigerian lady pens down tribute to brother killed by US police officers

A Nigerian lady, Ebele Okobi has penned down an emotional tribute to her 36-year-old brother who was killed by US police officers.

Chinedu Valentine Okobi who was  running in and out of traffic, had a squabble with the US Police officers who used a taser on him, leading to mental health challenges. It was gathered that while the Nigerian man died Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, the five US police officers were placed on paid leave.

Penning down an emotional post, the Nigerian lady who is also the deceased’s older sister wrote;

He was born the day before Valentine’s day, so close to the brother before him that people used to think they were twins. He had irresistibly chubby cheeks when he was a baby, which was unfortunate because he clearly found the resulting cheek pinching entirely beneath his dignity.

He was the last of we five, and my memories of him as a child all involve constant motion and extreme truth telling-from him barreling everywhere on extremely bowed legs, to that time, at three years old, when he solemnly informed our Sunday school teacher that he should chew some gum because he had bad breath (he was not wrong, and feedback is a gift).

When he graduated from Morehouse College, we were all so proud-he was smart, funny, hard-working, and incredibly kind, with an earnest streak that I found hilarious. He called me Little Big Sis, because he was 6 foot 3 and I am 5 foot 4 but still (always!) the bossy older sister.

He met a great girl, and they had a beautiful daughter, and I remember saying that I couldn’t believe that the kid whose diapers I had changed was now changing diapers of his own.

While he was studying for the GMAT, the voices started. We struggled for years to get him the right diagnosis and medications, and we were so proud of him for creating a good and kind life despite his struggles with mental health.

Last Wednesday, he was killed by police, in Millbrae, California. He was unarmed. He had committed no crime. So today, I helped my mother decide how to bury her son.

His name is now one of too many names.
Chinedu Valentine Okobi. He was a person. He was my little brother, he was a father, he was loved. Now he is gone, and our hearts are broken.

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