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Nigerian lady dies during childbirth six months after getting married



A Nigerian lady, Ifot Lovemary, died during childbirth yesterday, October 19th which was supposed to be her 6th month wedding anniversary.

The story was shared on Facebook by her sister, Favour Ifot who said Lovemary had her wedding in April this year and died six months after . She wrote;

”On the 19th of April 2018, we all gathered in love celebrating your marriage with our brother, you symbolizes peace and love but today being the 19th of October 2018, we are filled with tears knowing that you left us alone to be in the mortuary with our baby….. Lovemary where are you? This was not our plans?? We wish we can wake up from this dream…you left my brother alone, you left your family alone you left us alone….death why her? Today supposed to be your six months wedding anniversary why are you alone? Death why??? I can’t stop crying..Rest in peace my dearest”