A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to narrate how she overpowered some rapists with her sister, shortly after they stormed their house in the night.

Nigerian lady and sister overpower rapists, hands them over to police lailasnews

The Nigerian lady also shared photos of the injury she sustained, as she further disclosed that the rapists have been handed over to the police. She wrote;

Happning now, some hungry jobless fools came to my house this night to rape I and my sister but we pass them they are right now in the police station, just look at what they did to me


Few months ago, it was also reported that two Nigerian University ladies who were target of two rapists overpowered the Indian men, and handed them over to local police. India Times reported that seeing two women walking by themselves along a dimly-lit stretch at in Vandalur, Chennai on Tuesday night, two men decided they would be easy targets and tried to grope them. What they didn’t bargain for was that the women, Nigerian nationals studying in two city colleges, would turn upon them.

The report said the two ladies rained blows on the molesters in a bid to struggle off their grip, while they shouted for help. The two men, who were later discovered drunk, were handed over to the police.

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