Nigerian Feminist Nicky Ojiulor in trouble for selling rape video

Nigerian Feminist Nicky Ojiulor in trouble for selling rape video

So while the video was going viral, sensible people acted in silence, some made posts against rape, I found some of my friends under people’s comment sections speaking against the act and way forward.
Someone has started organizing a walk (awareness against rape).

Even under the comment section of one of the accused boys, people kept justifying the act with the opinion that they were friends and sex between them can’t be tagged as rape.
Well, any sex had without the consent of a person is RAPE. In the video, the girl involved was intoxicated and is not in control of her sense of judgement…
Her friend too was heard screaming in the background, think! (this is for those that came to my inbox to fight me for calling it rape, we will come back to that later).

Well an over sabi lady with a running mouth was seen all over the place asking those that needed the video to drop an inbox message to get it. It was so bad that she started asking for money in return. Like you send her money, she send you a rape video… I don’t understand how she even came up with such stupid and silly thought.
She was actually the person my friend was referring to (if you read my post this morning, I. Have taken it down Sha) .

I’m happy a few people frowned at her silly utterances and act but instead of being remorseful, she kept on running her mouth and because most of the women that cautioned her are yoruba, she pushed to make it a tribal thing. Madness!
They went further to send a report message to the organization she belongs too(school of aviation) and I am happy the school has responded (see below pictures).

Madam Nicky Ojiulor biko do feminist a little good by removing it from your bio because you are not worthy to be called one. I cant water the same tag with you, you are a bad egg.
You didn’t only sell a rape video of a fellow woman, you went to body shame her and while doing all these, human beings were hailing, paying for rape video  and supporting her.
So Rape case is now something to laugh over?
You people break my heart eziokwu m.

Pls does videos she referred to, I’ve read and seen disgusting things said about that girl in different posts. That video they are referring to is not her.
They are two different videos. Don’t finish the remaining pieces of that young girl. Where ever she is, she is watching and reading. Yours might be the last she will read before thinking of not holding on anymore.
Be nice, keep your sermon to yourself and above all, mind what you say on social media. This madam own is just the beginning.
Atleast I have found a reason to smile again, since yesterday.
Una Good afternoon

I’m dedicating today (teacher’s day) specially to pray for all those that reported her.
You don’t know how many people you taught a lesson with that act.
Ma’am Olu Bunmi thank you.
Our children’s heads must be correct again.

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