Nigerian embassy in Kenya vandalized over killing of Nigerian student

Nigerian embassy in Kenya vandalized over killing of Nigerian student

The Nigerian embassy in Kenya, was vandalized by angry Nigerians who were protesting over the killing of a Nigerian student by Kenyan Policemen.

The protesters who stormed the Nigerian embassy in Kenya to express their displeasure with the ill treatment meted out to them by the embassy, vandalized some properties in the embassy after stating that they have been abandoned and neglected.

Recall that we reported yesterday that Kenyan policemen, were accused of beating a Nigerian student, Bamiyo Ashade to death at his house in Four ways estate, Kiambu yesterday. Bamiyo who is a student of United States International University-Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, was beaten to death by Kenyan policemen who tried to extort him despite finding out he had valid papers. The Kenyan policemen resorted to harassment and assault, after the Nigerian student stood his ground, maintaining that he didn’t commit any crime.

Bamiyo who was rushed to the hospital in his near-death state, died yesterday. This came few months after a Kenyan Policeman was arrested, after he allegedly shot and killed a student following a bar brawl.

The police officer, Chief Inspector Sebastian Ambani, who is attached at the Kuria West Police Division, was off duty when he fatally shot the KCA University student, Brian Makabwa. Kisumu County Commander John Kamau said preliminary investigations showed he shot the student in the stomach and head following the scuffle.

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