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Nigerian designer testifies on how she conceived despite having fibroid



Nigeria News

A Nigerian designer, Isi Atagamen Sakalis, has taken to her Instagram page to testify on how she was able to defy doctors’ reports and got pregnant, despite having about 9 fibroid tumors in her.

Nigerian lady testifies on how she conceived despite having fibroid lailasnews 4
Nigerian designer testifies on how she conceived despite having fibroid

The lady, who used the medium to tell her followers, to never give up on their dreams, even mentioned how the medical personnel found it unbelievable that she was able to conceive.


She wrote:

Hey lovelies!!! Let me share this testimony. Would you guys believe i was pregnant in this picture and even i had no idea. Fast forward to my pregnancy test and scan.

I was told i had fibroid Tumours- about 9 or more of them including one that was 11cm in diameter protuding at the entrance of my Cervix but because we serve a living God, The creator of all creations. I could conceive despite doctors reports/doubt’s.

Once when i went for anti natal a nurse cursed out loud saying ‘God forbid’ after seeing my womb . Another doc was surprised asking if we had an ivf. That is what God can do. I had my beautiful and healthy daughter months later.

Photo Credit: IG @isitagamen

You see i want to encourage you. Don’t fret! Don’t be sad! Be thankful Be happy, think happy thoughts, think about what you want and project it into existence.

Trust God it it will happen just as you have seen it. I don’t know what you are trusting or believing God for but i Decree today that Your prayers are answered and desires met. God will meet you at your point of need!!

You will have a big celebration in your homes with your mouth filled with Thanksgiving to God. God bless you!! #alifeatatimes #letschangelives #keepspreadinglove

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