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Nigerian deacon allegedly beats his wife with iron rod



Nigeria News

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to make shocking revelations that a deacon allegedly beats his wife with iron rod.

Nigerian deacon allegedly beats his wife with iron rod lailasnews


The lady said when choosing a life partner, being religious is no longer an all important criteria after she found out her cousin’s husband who is a deacon in the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG used to beat her with iron rod.

She wrote;

So I learnt about how my cousin’s husband(hopefully Ex now) used to beat her up with iron rod.
Funny thing is he’s a deacon in Redeemed.
So it’s not just about finding a religious man or one who loves Jesus but finding a man who’s sensible & respects you as a equal human being.

The second funny thing is, the lady was/is literally the breadwinner of the house.
She was at Forever(earning more than 900k per month) and literally rented and furnished their house.
She moved her stuff and even took out the light bulbs because she bought them with her money.

Met the man once at my elder brother’s wedding and I remember asking my big sis if she was certain the man had sense because the way he was eating all the food up at the reception..I had my suspicion right there.
Think the Holy Spirit revealed that to me & I didn’t even know it😂