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News:- Zidane’s £50m Deal and the Qatar Blockage, By Mbe Nwaniga



ABUJA (Sundiata Post) The rumours that  Qatar is offering Zidane £50 million a year (£120,000 a day) to coach their national team is strong.

Enugu state budget this year is a little less than £200 million but that is not what I am thinking about.

I am thinking about how this same tiny country Qatar turned the Saudi-UAE blockade to their advantage.The air,land and sea blockade will be one year on Tuesday and IMF,World Bank etc are already reporting a boom in Qatar economy.

Less than a year ago,Qataris and residents were terrified.They were even stocking up food in anticipation of a food crisis.Shelves went dry.The usual 7 hours Qatar Airways Lagos-Doha flight turned to 9 hours because the airline was blocked from using Saudi,UAE, Egypt and Bahrain airspace.
They flew to Greece,then Turkey, through Iran yet they didn’t add that extra two hours to the cost of tickets.

Anyway,no long story.Qatar blockade versus Biafra blockade:any ground for comparism?

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