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News:- You won’t believe how much this man received after posting his account on twitter



A Nigerian man has taken to twitter to share a rather hilarious screenshot from a credit alert he received from someone on twitter after he posted his account details to request for assistance.

In these hard times, it’s rare to see someone be so generous as to give money to a total stranger on social media, but that was not the case here, as this twitter user identified as Jimi received a generous amount from his online benefactor.

He received N10 on twitter

Jimi tweeted ;

Lmaoooo Twitter is mad
I posted my account number in a thread and someone sent me 10 naira
I dey laugh like fool for here
Please who is Fasaanu Olumide? You no well at all I swear

Twitter just seems to be the site to get all the humours one needs to stay happy, especially in this trying times.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady by the name Winnie has also taken to the platform  to itemize the list of the qualities husband must possess.

According to her, he must be a first class candidate, both academically and in thoughts.

The lady then went ahead to mention that he must also have a very good job, which could either be a government or multi-national job.

However, she also mentioned that he must be God-fearing and money does not really matter as that can easily come by. You can read about that here

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