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News:- Teenage girl captured hanging on motorbike, gets help



A teenage girl whose photo went viral on social media for hanging dangerously on a motorcycle while fetching firewood in Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya, has been located by an NGO, who offered to pay her school fees.

Teenage girl captured hanging on motorbike, gets help reelmp3
Faith, the teenage girl captured hanging on motorbike

Faith Jepchirchir, 13, had accompanied her grandmother, Lilian Kobilo, 75, to the forest 4km away from their home to fetch firewood.


The granny has been raising Jepchirchir and her two siblings since their mother deserted them.

“The family has no other means of livelihood except to fetch firewood and no one is coming to out assistance” The old woman had said.

Kobilo’s only source of income is from the sale of firewood. After her story was published, ‘Soles for African Child’, a Nairobi-based NGO intervened.

The NGO did shopping for the family, bought 10 pairs of shoes and offered to pay Jepchirchir’s fees until she completes secondary school.

Her headteacher Salina Mumol said Jepchirchir is a hardworking, kind and focused girl. However, the problems at home affected her self-esteem.

“We all will understand how a poor foundation can affect your progress in life. Jepchirchir is a very kind girl loved by all, but her performance is being affected negatively by what she is passing through. We hope this kind gesture will boost her morale and help her forge ahead in life”

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