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My son was a rapist monster, glad he’s dead



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A British cyclist who was mistakenly shot dead by a hunter thinking he was an animal has been branded a “rapist c**t” by his victim who said she is glad “karma” got him back.

Mark Sutton, 34, was killed in France when a hunter, 22, mistook him for prey on Saturday near the Les Gets Alpine ski resort.

My son was a rapist monster, glad he's dead - Mum of late British cyclist lailasnews 4
My son was a rapist monster, glad he’s dead – Mum of late British cyclist

Following Sutton’s death, his friends left glowing tributes, but his mother and ex-girlfriend had only bad things to say about him and are happy that he is dead.

Speaking to The Sun a third woman said she was raped and attacked by him around 100 times. The victim who cannot be named for legal reasons said his death was a shock to her, but that she welcomed the news.

She said:

He was a rapist c*** and I’m glad he’s dead.

When I heard he had been killed I felt utter relief, it was a massive burden off my back. I was just relieved he couldn’t hurt us or anyone again.

He deserved to be shot like an animal — he was the biggest animal there was.

They hunted the right animal. I want the killer to get off because he did us a favour.

It was karma and I knew it would get him one day.


The woman also said it was a “shame he died so quickly” because she would have preferred him to have suffered. She said she believes he attacked her close to “100 times”.

She told The Sun :

He kicked me, put hands round my neck, held screwdrivers and knives to my neck and threatened to kill me. He punched me and pushed me down the stairs, and jammed my foot in the car door.

The UK born cyclist fled to France six years ago after hurting so many women back home, IN France, he ran the Wild Beets Kitchen restaurant with his partner.

On the day of Sutton’s death up to 18 hunters were taking part in a shooting session, but apparently failed to notice the rider, who was wearing bright clothes and easily identifiable, according to the investigating source. He is thought to have died instantly after being hit by a bullet fired by a 22-year-old hunter.

A source said:

The accident happened on Saturday evening in thick woods close to the ski resort of Montriond, at about 6pm. The shooter went into deep shock when he realised what he had done. He now faces trial and prison.

Before the revelations about Sutton’s past, he was praised on Facebook by friends who were sad and shocked that he was dead.

One former schoolfriend said: “He was the salt of the earth who lived for the outdoors .”

However, details of his disturbing past have now emerged. The cyclist attacked his alleged victim in Caerphilly, South Wales, multiple times before he fled the country.

Sutton’s mother Katrina posted about his death on Facebook, writing:

I hope you rot in hell Mark Thomas Sutton.

My only disappointment is you died instantly. For any horrified people reading this, I’m not some vicious troll. I’m the woman who gave birth to him.

She added:

This man was a monster. A bullet aimed at an animal. You aimed well. Karma called on you.

Sutton had a history of bad behaviour according to his mother. She said he tried to stab a school child in his class with a dinner knife and was arrested aged eleven. He went into care shortly afterwards.

An ex-girlfriend of Sutton also said she “cried with relief” when she was told he was dead. The woman also claimed she was furious posts online made him out to be “an angel”.

Another girlfriend had her cheek broken by Sutton when they lived in Preston and was jailed for six months.