Must Watch Movie – Majiye Uchibeke’s The Giant of Africa!

Must Watch Movie – Majiye Uchibeke’s The Giant of Africa!

I spread my hands like a kite to salute you Nigeria.You’ve managed to remain Africa’s finest, truly you are a giant. They plunder your resources, but you still have them in excess, they steal your lands, disregard your humanity but look at you, still strong and agile since 1914 when you were amalgamated by Lugard.

For more than a century now, you have managed to move on under the camouflage of “One Nigeria”.

But Nigerians wonder how long this prestige mantra will last. And how long Nigeria you will keep bearing this romantic metaphor, “Giant Of Africa”.

Majiye Uchibeke is a Nigerian, Los Angeles-based filmmaker, who is currently working on a project that explore the answers to the question of disunity in Nigeria.

Today, Nigeria is facing an uprising and some scholars base it on religion, others say it’s political. But what Nigerians know is, Boko Haram is at the forefront of this war and they have proven themselves to be very deadly in recent years.

In the film, Northern Nigeria have been severely attacked by the jihadists, their girls abducted, markets burnt, children raped, and their lives threatened, so they take a bold step to seek help from a Southern Nigeria vigilante group to help them fight this terrorists, this gesture which is something unheard of in Nigeria.

But something eyes have not seen and ears have not heard is bound to happen in Nigeria.

Ultimately, the question is, why do Nigerians feel the North is to egotistic to ask for Southern help? Can they work together without suspicion? Will they be able to defeat the terrorist?

Uchibeke seeks to answer these bold questions in his film and at the same time explore the concept of peace and unity in Nigeria.

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