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MUSIC LYRICS & VIDEO: Chinko Ekun – “Kiki (Freestyle)”




Another Wednesday is here, and Chinko Ekun is here again, with another of his trending ‘Freestyle Sessions’. In this session (dubbed ‘Kiki)’, he addresses the issues of fake love in his industry, women rights, amidst others. Read the full lyrics, and watch the video below.



Kiki; how far?

Omo, wetin dey even worry Kiki self?

I don vex; hunhunN


Kiki broke up, so am all up in ma filix

Some celebrity dey show me fake love

When they see me, they snaP

Carry phone, they put me on their ‘gram

“Bros, make I feature you; you go turn wahala”

All na sCam!

You can’t blame them; ole l’everybody mehn

People don rise and fall for industry

It’s really funny mehN; reelmp3

Everybody want turn artiste

Won fe j’aye foreign; you fit blow today

And tomorrow, wake up an upcoming


I like to talk true; I dey straight forward

I fit dey diplomatic and I fiT dey awkward

Notifications on my phone, e fit cause hold-up

Omo, the way my phone dey hang

E supPose dey cupboard

Another WednesdAy is here, and I give you something to listen to

Ready to drop bass; I no like make them imprison you

They be like “you no dey tire; always addresses some cases”

I no fit stop; I neEd to be all up in your faces

Okay; some women stole money; what they did is wickeD

No matter what they did, you shouldn’t strip a woman naked

All this kind situation, na hin dey give me sick head

Eni t’oye k’a feYin ti, he be acting like a dickhead

Ninu Naija, nothing wE never see before

Me wey be gallant star self, they wanna see me fall

Mi o beru, mi o fo; fun won l’up and down bi Pinafo

Eyin rapper t’e fe blow, e lo so’ra yin mo c4

And I say Kiki; Kiki Kiki Kikiii;

[MUSIC LYRICS AND VIDEO]: Chinko EkUn – “Kiki (Freestyle)”

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