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Most women are opportunistic and only seek richer men

A Nigerian man who goes by the name Daniel Jacob has taken to Twitter to give his opinion on women dating men and according to him, he believes most women are opportunistic and hypergamous in nature.

Most women are opportunistic and only seek richer men – Twitter user says

He believes a woman would prefer to date a man in a upper class than one in a lower class to her. While men wouldn’t mind even dating women of lower caste.

Read his narration:

My hands have been itching to explain FEMALE HYPERGAMY to y’all, because this “I won’t date a guy that don’t have a car” is making sense. Hypergamy – feminine strategy for securing the best mate possible, also said to better marrying up or dating up, check the definition

You see women always want someone who is better or can provide value to them, unlike men who can be together with someone who offer them little to no value Women are opportunistic, men are idealistic when it comes to relationships/mating etc

A lady with a car won’t date a guy without car, but a guy with car can date a lady without car A guy without a car can date a lady without a car, but a lady without a car most often than not will never date a guy without a car, Can you see the pattern, women trade up

A rich guy can date a poor lady, but a poor lady don’t want a poor guy A rich lady want a richer guy and will not date a poor guy most often than not, a poor lady won’t date a poor guy, but wants a rich guy You see Men are always handed responsibility, equality is a myth.

Women are opportunistic, they care for want you can bring, what you bring to the table, men are mostly idealistic, they just love you for you, whether rich or poor most times. The sooner you guys know this, the better it is for you all to understand women Yes, you can understand

Women trade up because it’s their nature, even in animals it’s the same (primates, crustaceans etc) So just don’t bother about this “it’s her preference” rhetorics they keep dashing out to convince you it’s a subjective thing, all women are hypergamy, quote me Pass the word.


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