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More than half of the ladies in the North take drugs



Nigeria News

A lady has made some shocking revelations on Twitter about ladies in the North whom she say are heavy on drugs like codeine, marijuana and prostitution.

The northern part of Nigeria is where majority of Muslims who adhere to the Islamic requirement of ladies putting on hijab can be found.

More than half of the ladies in the North take drugs - Twitter user

According to the lady’s Twitter thread, more than half such ladies are into drugs like tramadol, marijuana and codeine.

Read her thread below.


“More than half of the ladies in the North take drugs, if it’s not Marijuana, tramadol, it’s definitely going to be codeine. Plus their prostitution is on another level—some don’t wear anything underneath that hijab, and can fuck anywhere in the night. They live & die in pretense!

This is not clout chasing or something. I think there is need for proper sensitization of people in the North on drug and its effects. Most of the ladies I had encounter with during my NYSC year can do anything to get a bottle of cough syrup containing codeine. Yes!

And that includes having sex for meagre amount of money and thievery.

A lady was begging a male corps member in my lodge one day to give her #500. She said she needed it to get codeine tablet. When that one said he didn’t have the money, she removed her overflown hijab, turned her back, as she was not wearing anything, and asked the guy to fuck her

She believed the guy was probably lying and she needed the money desperately.

That was not my problem though, my problem is the way she was behaving. It was very alarming and sad. She was shaking all over and her eyes were reddish. It’s was obvious she was sick.

Anyone who saw her that day would know drugs taking had destroyed her. She was just living a living corpse.

There were several other similar instances I saw in the North, which I wouldn’t be relating so as not to sound disrespectful.

But I would like to add that some Igbos in the North are the course of all this evil. They sell these girls these drugs even when they know it’s harmful to their health. It’s all about making money to them and I think it’s inhumane of them to continue this act.

I know of one or two Igbo guys who sell these drugs in Birnin-Kebbi, and they make as much as #300k per month from it. Selling more than 200 bottles per day.

I am not the one to start pointing who sells what really, but the NDLEA has to do better in that area, Sokoto, and Kano.”