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Mompha flaunts Bentley Bentayga, shades Hushpuppi who also bought



Mompha has shared a picture of the brand new Bentley Bentayga he bought shortly after his rival Hushpuppi unveiled his own.

According to the Dubai based big boy, he bought the ride because he believes no one can outshine him in the business of flaunting luxurious lifestyle on social media.

Taking to social media, he wrote:

‘just Copped Bentley Bentayga Brand New. Wow Bobo New School Ride. No one can outshine the money Man!!! Let the Race Begin’.

Hushpuppi unveiled his black Bentley Bentayga yesterday and called it a Valentine gift for himself.

He wrote:

“Bought myself a new Bentley Bentayga for Valentines. The best way to celebrate the season of love”.

He bought the car perhaps after being spited by Mompha who claims he flaunts luxurious lifestyle on Instagram whereas he doesn’t have a car of his own.