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Miss Paraguay faints on stage after winning Miss Grand International



Miss Paraguay who announced as the new Miss Grand International 2018, fainted on stage, and had many people rushing to the stage to revive her.

Miss Paraguay, Maria Clara Sosa, was holding hands with runner-up Meenakshi Chaudhary of India when she swayed and fainted after the announcement. While several officials and fellow competitors rushed to help Sosa, the 24-year-old quickly recovered, straightening her dress and stooping to receive her crown and sash, then striding down the runway in Myanmar.

According to ABS-CBN News, Clara’s winning response to the question on promoting pageantry to end war and violence is that she will go America and ask Pres. Donald Trump to be “an example of peace, love, and tolerance.” This is an important message as well from a woman living in South America, since Trump has always insisted on building a border wall to bar refugees.

After college, Maria Clara Sosa attended a law school and is a professional chef. Her dream, she said, is to someday open her own restaurant. She succeeds Peru’s Maria Lora Jose.