Millionaire batters his girlfriend for showing cleavage on Instagram

Millionaire batters his girlfriend for showing cleavage on Instagram

A 25 year old Brazilian millionaire, battered his girlfriend for showing her cleavage in a low cut dress on Instagram.

The millionaire, Erick Bretz, has been arrested for beating his girlfriend, Melissa Gentz, 22, in Tampa, Florida.

The incident occurred on September, 23, 2018 at downtown Tampa’s Element condo tower. The lovers dated for three months before the incident.

Gentz claims Bretz beat her because he was angry at the amount of cleavage she showed in an Instagram photo.

In a report, police wrote that he became argumentative and jealous, after taking his medication for insomnia and drinking about four beers and three-fourths of a bottle of wine.

Gentz told police that Bretz took her cell phone and bothered her to the point she pushed and attempted to punch him. He then threw her to the floor, kicked her in the face and began to strangle her with his legs.

The suspect punched his girlfriend repeatedly in the face and pulled out chunks of her hair, she told police.

He then tossed her around the room by her hair and struck her in the face with a bottle, leaving a long cut across her forehead. Gentz eventually managed to escape the apartment and ran to the building’s lobby, where the doorman called 911.

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