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MC Still on Still and friend rescue drunk man from accidented car



Nigeria News

MC Still on Still took to Instagram to share a video from an accident scene, in which he helped to rescue a drunk man from his accidented car with his friend.

MC Still on Still and friend rescue drunk man from his accidented car lailasnews

According to MC Still on Still, the drunk man was rescued from the accidented car by 12a.m and the incident occurred at Opolo Junction, just before the Local Content Building in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State. He wrote;

Saw this terrible accident at about 12midnight immediately after Opolo junction, b4 the Local Content building in Yenagoa, Bayelsa on our way to go pick someone. I noticed that, one, the airbag covered all part of the car from inside, two, there was no sign that someone opened the door of the car in form of trying to escape or being helped by someone..


Told my guy that was driving to stop lets see if anyone is inside… Only to find this man inside. We thank God for saving his life… And we don’t know how long he has been there considering the fact that the road was lonely at that time. We were able to help him out and luckily someone who knew him, stopped and took him home. Our assumption was that he drank becos we noticed that he ran into a parked truck that was by the road side

He’s not even aware of what happened to him kind of…..All Glory to God