A man has claimed he was sacked from his job after he was falsely accused of rape by a female colleague at the office.

Man sacked after female colleague falsely accused him of rape lailasnews 4
Man sacked after he was falsely accused of rape by female colleague

According to the report the man identified as Femi Dapson, dropped on twitter, he was only trying to help the female colleague after he noticed she was high on weed.

He was so shocked that the lady later cried out and telling other work colleagues that he forced the weed on her and even tried to rape her.

Read his narration below:

FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION THREAD!! On Friday in the office, I was just hanging out with our secretary in her work station because that’s how I am, I’m free and I like to play and mingle with everyone around me.

We were gisting and this babe brought out her food that she wants to eat, okay eat na while I keep you company I added. She started eating ( rice and beans) and when she was done I left her and came to my office

After a while I noticed she started behaving strange like someone that was high, so I asked her what was wrong with her but she totally passed out on her desk, I then came to the conclusion that she was drunk.

As a gentleman that I was, I placed her comfortably on her desk so she could sleep well and I was checking up on her occasionally, I didn’t want to loud the matter because I’m a jasi guy and I know whatsup.

Around 4:30pm I went to check on her again and this time she was wide awake, I asked her if she was okay and she said she wanted to go home, I was like are you sure you can go home? why not rest a little because it’s obvious you’re high rn

What did you take? I asked her and she said she took weed, she mixed it with her food. I laughed and I said ehn you’ll be fine, let me escort you to the bus stop abeg.

As soon as she stepped out of the office she said she doesn’t have transport to go home, I told her I was low on cash and I couldn’t help her oo, then she asked to use my phone to call a friend to send her money.

She called the guy but he didn’t pick so she sent him a text message, and then she called him again, the moment the guy heard her voice he hanged up and stopped picking the calls

All of a sudden she started crying, she was weeping profusely outside the office, passers by had to help me take her back into the office. Now it was more than me, I had to call my colleague in the office to see what she was doing.

What happened? What happened? That’s what everyone kept asking her, she just kept crying and didn’t say anything, I then knw it was the weed taking control.

At about 6:00pm she started to talk and she said I was the one that put the weed in her food and forced her to eat it, and afterwards tried to rape her.

I was like yeeehhhh! See gbege ooo, she’s 24 and I’m 21, how can I put weed in your food and force you to eat it, when you’re not a baby? And then I tried to rape you in this office? Lol

I just concluded it was the highness speaking and when her eyes was clear she’ll talk sense, they almost called the cops on me as it was a very big issue.. all I kept saying was “this babe is high abeg”

After so many arguments, I was allowed to go home with the warning that they take up the case on Monday.

I’m in my office now, waiting for her to come but she’s not here, it might look light the way I’m talking about it but it’s a really big issue, According to what I’m hearing she’s still saying the same thing after her eyes cleared.

I’m sure she’s saying that to save her own head, everyone is believing her and no one is believing me because I’m a guy and she’s a girl. That’s the community we live in.

He however posted the screenshot of the text she sent to her friend requesting for cash

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