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Man runs out naked to stop thief from stealing his Range Rover – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

A naked man ran out of his house to tackle a teenager trying to steal his £10,000 Range Rover.

Man runs out naked to stop thief from stealing his Range Rover lailasnews


The 29-year-old man, Stephen Cullen, has branded himself the ‘naked ninja’ after he tackled a teenager to the ground while trying to steal his Range Rover – while he was completely naked.

Stephen and girlfriend Nicola Baldwin, 33, were in bed watching TV when he heard his alarm prompting him to spring into action.

The teen who was reportedly drunk stays in the vehicle as the alarm sounds around him and Stephen suddenly emerges in the footage.

He struggles with his front gate for a few seconds before managing to break through and race towards the car.

He is seen grabbing the young lad and shoving him to the ground as Nicola then comes into shot wearing a dressing gown.

The lad reportedly kept saying: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ as he towered over him.

Nicola said it had looked like the teen was trying to hot-wire the car.

She added: “Next door came out and saw (Stephen) in all his glory.”

Roofer Stephen said; “That car is my pride and joy, there is no way that anyone was stealing it.”

Police later caught up with the suspect, who turned out to be drunk, but the couple decided not to press charges.