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Man reportedly jumps off Third Mainland bridge this morning



A viral report on Twitter, alleges that a man reportedly jumped off Third Mainland Bridge this morning and according to sources the name of the man is Nurudeen.

The identity of the man who jumped into Third Mainland bridge this morning was confirmed, as his identity card reportedly dropped before he jumped. @PreshieG tweeted;

A man just jumped from 3rd Mainland Bridge this morning… may God protect us

The brought him out, they tried to revive him but, His first name was Nurudeen, he dropped his ID, left his phone open, he called his wife before jumped…

This is coming few months after we reported that a lady jumped into Third Mainland bridge. Twitter user @hotpikin who shared the video wrote;

The owner of this Ford SUV just parked the vehicle and jumped into the water from Third mainland bridge. This was some minutes ago

She updated her tweet, stating that the owner of the car tried dissuading the lady from jumping into the lagoon;

Please RT the original tweet to find his family/friends. I doubt they know what is going on. Correction: It was actually a woman.

Can’t imagine what she would have been going through. She probably got to a point where she believed her situation was hopeless.

Update: The owner of the SUV was apparently a good Samaritan who tried to dissuade the lady from jumping into the water.

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