Man plans to abandon bride few weeks to wedding day

Man plans to abandon bride few weeks to wedding day

A lady has taken to Facebook to raise an alarm on an alleged plan by a man to abscond with a different woman before his wedding day.

The  lady identified as Tobore Mit Ovuorie wrote that she overheard a groom-to-be telling his friends that a woman he is meant to marry later this month is just his “ladder” and he will jilt her.

Man plans to abandon bride few weeks to wedding day – Lady raises alarm

According to Tobore Mit Ovuorie, the groom named Daniel, who lives in VGC, Lagos, Nigeria, is engaged to be married to one lady on October 11 and 13.

He is also to be married to another lady on October 25 and 27. But the second lady is just his plaything and he plans to call her after his wedding to the first lady to apologize and inform her that their wedding will no longer hold.

Warning the unidentified bride, Tobore wrote:


If your fiance’s name is Daniel, he lives in VGC and your wedding date is this October 25th & 27th, please GET IN TOUCH WITH ME URGENTLY.


His wedding to my friend is this October 11th & 13th. I just heard him tell his friends you’re his ladder. He’ll call on October 17th to apologise to you when he would have been in America. PLEASE, INBOX ME FOR FULL DETAILS OF HIS PLANS.

Very Concerned,
Tobore Mit Ovuorie

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