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Man narrates life changing story of former neighbor after meeting



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A Nigerian man who met his former neighbor recently, took to Twitter to narrate the life changing story of a former neighbor whose family was thrown out of an uncompleted building.

Man narrates life changing story of former neighbor after meeting lailasnews

According to @The_Seeker76, he last saw his former neighbor 20 years when he was 14, and their fortunes changed after his sister got a scholarship. Read the tweet below;

LIFE IS PREGNANT, NEVER WRITE ANYONE OFF, BE HUMBLE ALWAYS I had a chance meeting with an old neighbour this morning as I was taking my morning walk. Saw him last almost 20 years ago while he was about 14. He was driving along as I walked by and stopped immediately he saw me

I didn’t find it hard to recognize him despite the long period but what struck me was the difference in his “situation” now when compared to when we were neighbours His single mother made a living from selling scraps in an uncompleted building by the roadside & that was how she trained him and his other siblings (3 elder sisters & 1 younger brother) through Lagos public schools Today I saw a different picture entirely. He drove an S500 Mercedes, spoke beautiful English (& Yoruba also), with his 2 sons in the back seat

After exchanging pleasantries, I asked after his sisters and brother who he explained were now all in the US & that he was home on holidays. I guess he saw the surprise on my face and offered me breakfast at an eatery down the road, which I agreed to after calling my wife to take “permission”.


He explained how his mother obtained favour in the sight of one of her customers when they were thrown out of the uncompleted building almost 20 years ago. The woman offered them a place to stay and gave the first daughter a scholarship through secondary school. She passed & a scholarship from another member of their church to a school in England and that was how their fortunes changed. The mum is living in the US with the first daughter

All four are graduates of foreign universities and doing very well on the face of it. This was a family that my parents used to give food & provisions to to survive. I remember once toasting the elder sister but she refused, saying we were from 2 different worlds & that my folks would never allow her to be my girlfriend (SS3 o!) simply because they’re poor

But look at that same family today…GOD is awesome and He does all things in his own time. I am so happy to see that God remembered them in their adversity and lifted them up After speaking with the siblings over the phone and ..all the accounts, I decided to share the story to encourage anyone who is going through hard times or difficulty. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE OF A BETTER TOMORROW. DON’T EVER GIVE UP, BE DILIGENT, HONEST & TRUST IN THE ALMIGHTY; YOU WILL MAKE IT IN LIFE!

Man narrates life changing story of former neighbor after meeting lailasnews 1