Man fakes death in marriage proposal to his girlfriend (video)

Man fakes death in marriage proposal to his girlfriend (video)

And while many might see Philippino Jeffrey Delrio’s marriage proposal as a bizarre stunt, however he has gotten a “yes” from the lady who he faked his death for.

In the viral marriage proposal video, Philippino Jeffrey Delrio was spotted lying in the middle of the road, apparently dead, alongside his motorbike. However his girlfriend, Shiela Parayanon a passenger on an approaching motorbike, who arrived the accident scen

The grieving girlfriend then rushes towards her “dead” boyfriend sobbing and he keeps up the charade for agonizing moments before ‘rising from the dead,’ kneeling and saying: “Will you marry me?” The lady was overcome and hugs, and hugs from traffic wardens.

The crowd that gathered around the scene all erupts with cheers, and Ms Parayanon can be seen giving her now-fiancé a playful slap on his arm before accepting the proposal. Here is the video below;

The couple’s friend Mark Apura, who captured the stunt on camera, described the proposal as ‘romantic’.

‘It was unusual,’ Mark said, adding the couple were ‘both full of love’ following the fake accident.

‘People keep thinking of strange ways to make marriage proposals. Jeffrey looked like he was very badly injured but then came alive when his girlfriend was there,’ Mr Apura said.

‘I am happy to help spread the love.’

However, not everyone was impressed, with one woman saying:

‘It’s such a strange thing to do. If I was the woman I would have dumped him right there.’

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