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Man confesses to sleeping with 16-year-old house help in Delta



An alleged serial rapist, Solomon Imhontu and his wife have been arrested by the police for sleeping with his 16-year-old house help in Delta State.

According to Prince Harrison Gwamnishu, who is an activist and leader of the Behind Bars Rights foundation, Imhontu and his wife brought an eight year old girl into their home a few years ago.

Man confesses to sleeping with 16-year-old house help in Delta – Video

Sadly, for all the years she lived with them, the man had repeated sex with her and also got her pregnant and had abortions carried out on her with the help of his wife.

He was arrested today and a video of him confessing to having multiple sex with the girl was shared online.

Read Gwamnishu’s account of the story below and also watch the video of the man confessing below

“We received complaint from the victim on 12th December, 2018 and we quickly submitted a petition to Delta State Police command for investigation.
Our team carried out thorough investigation on Mr. & Mrs.
Solomon Imhontu. The girl who was 8yrs old when they picked her up from Irua Edo State, has been with them as a maid and also a sex slave to Mr. Solomon.

She got pregnant and drugs were giving to her and she bled profusely #AbortionIsMurder

At about 2:00am today, Mr Solomon came as usual and had sex with her.
BBI currently have Mr. Solomon Sperm to be tendered as evidence.

Mr & Mrs Solomon Imhomtu are currently in detention.

We have provided safety to the girl, conducted general test and taking care of all medical expenses.

Thanks to @PoliceNG for their quick response and for their continued support to Behind Bars Rights Foundation.

Watch the Video: