Man brutalises wife with cutlass after argument

Man brutalises wife with cutlass after argument

A Nigerian man has been accused of allegedly brutalizing his wife after they engaged in an argument some few days ago leaving the woman in serious pain.

Man allegedly brutalises wife with cutlass during argument

According to report gathered on NationalHelm, the man used a machete to flog his wife mercilessly after their disagreement, not minding the brutal marks it designed on her body.

The distraught woman contacted the Due Process Advocates, to initiate a legal suit against the alleged abusive husband and possible prosecution by the police as she shared pictures of her body after the assault.

It was also alleged that this is not the first time the husband is maltreating and assaulting his wife.

It is not confirmed if the man has been arrested yet, but a case of domestic violence has already been opened against him, DPA confirmed

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