Houston based makeup-artist and YouTuber Blac Swan has narrated her ordeal with popular rapper Cardi B in a 36 minute long video posted on YouTube.

Cardi B vs Blac Swan_ Make up artist narrates ordeal lailasnews

The video which was was posted in January 2018, has recently started garnering attention, having over 3.7million views at the moment.

During the video, Blac Swan got emotional at some point and cried. She seemed was very hurt by the experience because she was a huge fan.

She made it known in the video that Cardi B made her wait for almost an hour. At a point when she went to check if she was ready, she screamed at her asking for an additional 10mins.

Blac Swan alleged that Cardi B cursed at her and used the B word despite the fact that Blac Swan kept reassuring her that she would make sure Cardi liked the end result. Black Swan also claims that despite Cardi’s attitude, she was respectful throughout the whole ordeal.

In the end, she said Cardi got so mad she told her to “get the f*** out” and didn’t pay her.

A couple of days ago, Cardi finally acknowledged the story and reacted to the video calling Blac Swan a liar. In the unapologetic live video on Instagram, she alleged that Blac Swan came late, was high, brought people to her room and was very unprofessional. She also said that the incident happened way before Bodak yellow and she got famous.

Blac Swan who is a mother of two refuted Cardi’s claim when she went live on Instagram. She posted receipts of the chats between her and Cardi’s contact person who invited her to do her make up. From the receipts she was 10 minutes ahead of time. The incident also happened December 2017, and at that time Bodak Yellow was a big hit and Cardi a Super Star.

Also in her recent live video, Blac Swan mentioned that she’s not interested in suing, or an apology, and that she only posted the video to share her experience with the Bodak Yellow crooner, referring to her as her ‘worst client yet.’

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