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LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION & MEANING: Wale Turner – “Freaky Friday (Cover)”


on presents you the Lyrics English Translation and Meaning to Wale Turner’s cover audio, which is titled ‘Freaky Friday’. Feel it below; plus the original music video.


Chee chee, test test microphone

Wale Turner p’on the microphoNe

[YOu better know]; Wale Turner


Uhn uhn, mo ji ninu body Chris Brown

: –   –   – I woke up in Chris Brown’s body

Shordy say my teeth white even when it’s brown

:  –    –    –    –     –     –     –    –    –     –     –     –

Mo ji ninu boDy Wizy, mo birami pe

: I woke up in Wizkid’s body, I asked myself

“S’emi n mo sign Mr Eazi? Ahh”
: are my the one that signed Mr Eazi? –

Mo ninu body Tiwa, mo sa ri pe Wizy text me ni pe kin wa, eh
I woke up in Tiwa Savage’s body, I just saw that Wizkid texts me that I should come, –

Mo ji ninu body Dangote, transfer to mY second account
I woke up in Aliko Dangote’s body, –   –    –    –   –   –

Make e no go tey ahn
: for it not to stay too long

Mo ji ninu body Shina Peller, do the magic
I woke up in Shina Peller’s body, do the magic

Oyela, 100m for the teller ahnn
: ‘appear!’, N100m for the teller –

Mo ji ninu boDy 2-Face, any woman wey I see,
I woke up in 2Baba’s body, –    –    –    –   –

omo na to pick race
: guy, it is to run away (to avoid impregnating ‘stale’)

Mo ji ninu body Speed Darlignton,
I woke up in Speed Darlingnton’s body

E wa ni kin wa Naija, omo mo wale ti ahn
: and you’re asking me to come Nigeria, guy I can never come home

Omo IyA mi, no go ask me anything
: my guy, don’t you ask me no question

Ori Ade o ni Sua, bi iyawo Banky Wellington hmmm ah
: head of ‘crown’ won’t ‘tired’ us, like the wife of Banky W
MEANING: just lyrical rhyme also.. Ade-Sua (Adesua) 



I woke uP in Chris Brown’s body [oh yeah eh]

Somehow this shit turned into Freaky Friday [uhn uhn]

But we got no choice but to turn this bitchh sideways

[Oh yeah, oh yeah;]

I can’t believe thAt it’s Freaky Friday [oh yeah]


It’s Freaky Friday [oh yeah]

I’m in Chris Brown’s body

I drive his Ferrari and I’m light-skinneD black


Ahnn, so fun Best Rapper yin k’o wa ki Uncle
: –  – tell your best rapper to come greet uncle (me)

Even b’e d’oMi le fire mi, the fire can’t cool
: even if you pour water on my fire, the fire can’t die

A ni k’e yato, a ni k’i e ba won ka & co.
: we say you should distinguish yourself, we didn’t say you should wear their uniform

Owo Presido DMW ni k’o ba n ko
: the money of DMW’s president (Davido) is what you should give me

As the matter be, omo what to do?
: –   –    –   –   –  – guy  –    –    –   –

So fun awon alainise to find woRk to do
: tell the jobless to –    –    –    –   –    –

I fit pity your mum; make I curse your dad
:   –     –     –    –     –     –    –    –    –    –   –

Promo #InstaBlog o yato si Sponsored Ad
: Promotions by #InstaBlog is different from Sponsored Ad (by Official Instagram)

You just dey press all the girls like Piano

So, no dey form cos na all the B I know

Owo mi, mAke sure p’o pe bi Avalon
: guy see, make sure it’s complete like Avalon

O lohun fe ri mi ni camera, ki n wa Canon
: She/He said she wants to see in in camera, that I should find Canon

Omo na Freaky Friday, enter the place
: guy, it is Freaky Friday  –    –    –   –

Le suis de klohA, etarive
:  –   –  –    –    –     –   –

O ye Maigrizzy, t’o fi n ja pelu Noble Igwe
: it’s best known to Maigrizzy, why he’s fighting Noble Igwe

Wait, who say Thierry Henry no Be igwe? Rrrrr
:  –     –     –     –     –     –   – is not king?   –   –


I woke up in Chris Brown’s body [oh yeah eh]

Somehow this shit turned into Freaky Friday

But we got no choIce but to turn this bitchh sideways

I can’t believe that it’s Freaky Friday [oh yeah]

It’s Freaky Friday [oh yeah]

I’m in ChriS Brown’s body

I look at my soft dicck with deliGht, it’s my dream dick


==Urhn ehnn; it’s JazMix==

Wale Turner; gbe saya
:    –    –   –  chest it

Iba Mofi, Mona, Speedy- omo iYa mi
: your highest- Mofi, Mona, Speedy; my Real-Gees

[LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION & MEANING]: Wale Turner – “Freaky Friday (Cover)”