Love and HipHop star, Yandy Smith has been pepper sprayed while she and others were protesting outside a Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal facility in Brooklyn. The actress has joined others in protesting prison conditions when the incident happened.

Love and HipHop star, Yandy Smith peppered sprayed during protest

Yandy Smith who later stated that she was okay after being pepper sprayed took to Instagram:

“IM FREEZING BUT THEY ARE IN THERE DYING, inmates in Brooklyn are being denied there basic HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!! The lights are shut off. The toilets are shut off. There’s no hot water and blankets have been refused and turned away by warden Quay. !!! I’m At the federal detention center right here in Brooklyn, where temperatures are BELOW FREEZING, the heat and electricity have been turned off SINCE MONDAY. 1,600 HUMANS are there. That is them, right now, banging and making noises so people outside can hear them. MEN AND WOMEN are getting sick and are freezing. The only thing working since Monday are small emergency lights. This is a gross human rights abuse. One guard just told me he just took the temperature inside and that it is 33 degrees in there.
#OccupyForHumanity @shaunking @theshaderoom
Incarcerated Individuals Have Rights Too!”

Reports have it that many inmates were not able to contact the outside world for days since a partial power failure occurred.

A Democrat whose district includes the prison, Representative Nydia Velázquez, stated that temperatures in some cells were as low as 49 F (9.5C).

Meanwhile, authorities have reacted to the power failure stating that it was caused by a fire that destroyed an electrical panel.

“working to restore power as expeditiously as possible”, they said.