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Lord Of Ajasa Ft Reminisce x Oladips – “Pantiewa” (LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION)



Lord Of Ajasa Ft Reminisce x Oladips – “Pantiewa” (LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION)

We bring you the Lyrics English Translation and Meaning of the song ‘Pantiewa’ by Lord Of Ajasa, featuring Reminisce and Oladips. Produced by Jakins.

What is Pantiewa or Panti ewa? the word Pantiewa is from Nigerian Yoruba language and it means ‘beans chaff’ in English language. Panti means ‘dirt’ (both singular and plural), and ewa is ‘beans’.


Ibile! Omo Iya Aje, Oladips

: Native; son of a witch  –

Lord Of Ajasa, omi ata

:  –   – Lyrics/Rhymes, sauce water

Alaga is kidi-diDi, Lord Of Ajasa is jigi-jigi

: Chairman is tight,  –   –   –   – is original

Lord Of Ajasa; ahn ahnn

:  –    – Lyrics –   –   –  –

(CHORUS- Oladips)

Gbedu eleyi de ma n jo cable- o de ma n jo cable

: this hip hop can burn the cable- it can burn the cable

E ba mi wa awon omo t’o ye-cable: omo t’o ye-cable

: get me girls that are presentable: girls that are presentable

Ajasa ti wa online, ‘vailable- o ti wa aVailable

: Lyricists is now online, available- he is now available

Kuro lona, Alaga fe webo; ehh

: leave the road, chairman wants to ball

Emi o fe awon Pantiewa- Pantiewa, eh

: I don’t want them Bean’s Chaffs- Bean’s Chaffs

Aburo, ba mi p’Aunty e wa; ehehh

: Youngie, call your Aunty for me

Emi o fe awon Pantiewa- Pantiewa, yeh

: I don’t want them Bean’s Chaffs- Bean’s Chaffs

Aburo, ba mi p’Aunty e wa; ba mi p’Aunty e wa; ehh

: Youngie, call your Aunty for me; call your Aunt for me

(Lord Of Ajasa- VERSE 1)

Ahh; Omo Ope, ko ni s’ewu

: –  thankful guy, there won’t be problem

Jaye lo, Oluwa ti segun; oti wa n’le t’e ba fe mu

: enjoy life, Lord has conquered; beers are available if you want to drink

Ba mi gbenu si no be atenu

: ‘do have a taste’ is not gluttony

Oju po lori ise yen;

: many eyes on the work (girl)

Iwo na wa lori ise yen?

: you are also on the work?

A jo ni lole tori ise yen

: we both won’t go home cos of the work


E je k’a ma wo eni t’o ma gori ise yen

: let’s see who will eventually climb the work

T’o ba ti dele, oya e jupa

: once it hits the floor, through hands (dance)

Ile Ijo yi, awa la ma tuka

: the dance-house, we’re the ones that’ll scatter it (positive)

This small body is thou full of oja

: –   –    –    –    –   –    –   –  consignment

See noboDy cos o ti fo si mi l’ara

: –   –    –   –   – it has bursts in me (am high)



(Reminisce- VERSE 2)

Bi ibe ba gbe, a lo saliva

: if the place (puzzy) is dry, we’ll use saliva

Ibile; yo si won bi ti Malaika

: Native; appear to them like an Angel

Lori micrOphone lodo Ajasa

: on the microphone, at Ajasa’s place

Erikina lawa oh, pasa pasa

: Monsters, we are; sharp sharp

Oya bere to, k’o le feel the story

: now, bend to pee, so to feel the story

Egun tuntun woLe de, Giringory

: new masquerade has entered, Giringory

MEANING: ‘Giringory’ or ‘Giringori’ is from the popular Nigerian sitcom back in the 1980s until the mid-1990s. Click here for more info on this –>New Masquerade (Wikipedia)

T’o ba fe joja, so fun p’o need poli

: if you want to smoke (weed), tell him you need poli (weed)

T’o ba lo kere, bo sokoto je o ri

: if she says it’s small, remove your trouser, let her see it (Dii)

Iko ni ma fi ye tori opolo po

: sense is what I’ll apply to enlighten her, cos brain abounds

Mi o n r’irin idoti, no roforofo

: I don’t layabout, no dirt

Wo awon ore l’okan t’on soko soko

: see your friends up there, they’re twerking (to Wizkid’s Soko 😀 )

Eru wa n’le, mo ni Dollar loso losO

: loads (money) are on ground, I have Dollars in bundles


(SIGN OUT)- RePeat part of Chorus

[MUSIC LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION AND MEANING]: Lord Of Ajasa Ft Reminisce x Oladips – “Pantiewa”

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