Lawmaker beats doctor to coma for opposing unprofessional practice

Lawmaker beats doctor to coma for opposing unprofessional practice

A lawmaker in Anambra state has reportedly beaten a doctor to coma for opposing unprofessional practices at his hospital.

Honourable Obinna Emeneka, a member of the Anambra state House of Assembly, on August 5, 2018, beat Bulus Peter Umaru, Chairman of the Nasarawa State branch of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), into coma.

According to Saharareporters, Umaru had travelled to Awka from Nasarawa for a social event over the weekend, when one of his friends on the same trip became ill. As a medical doctor, he decided to rush to a nearby pharmacy to get him drugs.

However, on getting to Righthealth Pharmacy, at Ngozika Estate Gate, Awka, which belongs to Emeneka, the doctor discovered that some persons were injecting people behind the counter, an action that violates known ethics of medical practics.

He was said to have reprimanded the attendants at the pharmacy for their unprofessional conduct, saying it was capable of endangering lives.

The attendants engaged him in a heated argument in defence of what was apparently a normal practice at the pharmacy. Soon, Emeneka arrived the scene and asked Umaru to identify himself.

The doctor introduced himself, and mentioned that he is the President of a branch of the NMA. The House of Assembly member was reported to have accused the doctor of trying to ruin his business.

In the ensuing exchanges, Emeneka was said to have descended on Umaru, who fell into coma as a result of the beating. Umaru later filed a police report after regaining consciousness, but he collapsed again at the police station.

He was rushed to Princeton Specialist Hospital, where he was admitted for treatment and attended to by members of the NMA in Anambra State.

After he was resuscitated, he called the National President of the NMA after tests revealed that he suffered a broken vein in the brain as well as a crack in the spine as a result of the assault.

Irked by the development, some members of the NMA are demanding the prosecution, withdrawal of Emeneka’s practising licence and the closure of his pharmacy.

Meanwhile, there are feelers that the lawmaker is resorting to threats and coercion to bury the case.

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