A Nigerian man who recently welcomed a baby with his wife, has recounted how his wife who was down with two pregnancy complications delivered naturally after prayers.

Lady with two pregnancy complications, delivers naturally after prayers  lailasnews

According to the Nigerian man 36 weeks into his wife’s pregnancy, a scan revealed that she had two pregnancy complications; the baby was in a breech position and she had placenta previa. However she delivered naturally after prayers.

Read what the Nigerian man wrote below;

I think I would be doing someone out there who have lost there faith in God an injustice if I don’t share this.
On the 16th of oct my pregnant wife went for check up cos she is 36 weeks gone, after the scan it was discovered she has 2 complications, the baby is in a breech position and she has placenta previa. A breech baby can actually be turned but it’s dangerous. Placenta previa can only be treated by a C section especially when the mother is 36 weeks gone.

Placenta previa occurs when a baby’s placenta partially or fully covers the mother’s cervix which can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy or life threatening bleeding during delivery.

Our doctor told my wife that he could operate on her immediately cos it’s dangerous for her to go back home in her predicament but on 2nd thought he wants to give the baby one more week to mature before he can carry out the C section. My wife called me in the office to give me the story with tears in her eyes, I was alarmed but calmed her down. I called my mum and sisters to tell them the issue on ground.

On Tuesday, the 20th of November my mum called me, she told me her God won’t allow my wife to give birth through C section. She gave me 3 psalms, told me when I get home I should lay my hand on her womb and pray with the psalms telling God what I want. I got home and did as she said. On Friday the 23rd of November, my wife went back to the hospital so that the C section can be prepared for, the doctor carried out another scan and found out that the baby has turned and the placenta has moved. The doctor looked at my wife and asked her “who is the prayer warrior that prayed for you? After 36 weeks the placenta doesn’t move”. So our doctor sent her back home to come back the following week for check up.

On Friday, the 30th of November, my wife went back to the hospital in the evening, after some test, the doctor told her that she is due and has to deliver the baby cos her blood pressure is high, so they kept her in the hospital.
On the 1st of December, she gave birth naturally to a baby boy. Baby and mother are okay.
Welcome Chizaram, God answered our prayers

Lady with two pregnancy complications, delivers naturally after prayers  lailasnews 1

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