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Lady shares ordeals of her widowed friend with Covenant University



Nigeria News

I just had a conversation with a close friend who’s a widow and my heart is heavy!

My friend’s son attends Bishop Oyesepo’s Covenant University where university students are ask to “kneel down” at the slightest offence.

As if that’s not bad enough, students are suspended for a whole school year for offenses like like use of cell phones or failure to attend church service after paying a whooping sum of N800:000+.

About a year ago, my friend’s son was suspended for a year for not attending a church program after he had just resumed school for weeks.

My widow friend just struggle to pay another N800:000+ for the repeated class, only to be suspended another school for using a friend’s phone.


So, going by that scam (stealing by trick), this widow would’ve N800:000 × 3 for the same class.

Now, she’s trying to get the son’s transcript so the son can go to another school, Covenant University is trying to frustrate her.

This is a school where Bishop Oyedepo boast of how he didn’t take a loan to build the school, that the school was built from money from church reserve(people’s money).

If you’re still defending all these pastors, SHAME ON YOU!

And for you Pastor David Oyedepo, may the “God” you serve ask you about this widow, may the air you breath ask you and may the water you drink ask you!

May the universe ask you “brood of vipers” masquerading as “men of God”. For every soul you have added to their sorrow, you will all pay!